Orphan Black

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I started watching Orphan Black last week, and now I’m at the tail end of season three (of five). I think this is my fastest binge yet despite having to work full-time (albeit at home). I can’t believe it flew under my radar for this long!

It got a hodgepodge of genres just right:

  • Hard-enough sci-fi (enough to suspend your disbelief)
  • Suburban sitcom
  • Conspiracy thriller
  • Police procedural (just a bit)

The last thing I watched that tried to be this many things at once was Hunters, and it failed spectacularly.

Interestingly, the creators, Graeme Manson and John Fawcett, were previously involved in a couple of movies I hold in very high regard - The Cube and Ginger Snaps respectively.

I’m also compelled to call out the fantastic job Tatiana Maslany does in the lead role. It’s hard to believe the clones aren’t in fact played by multiple lookalike actresses.

It’s available on Prime Video (where my other sci-fi love The Expanse can also be seen). Back in the day it aired on SBS2, but unfortunately it doesn’t seem to be available via SBS On Demand.